A Staff Favourite!

Donkey Butter is a rare indica dominant hybrid strain ( 70% indica/30% sativa ), created by crossing the classic Grease Monkey with Triple OG. The name may be weird, but this bud packs a super savory pungent flavour and lifted effects that are perfect for any indica lover. Donkey Butter has a spicy, skunky flavour with hints of earthy pine and herbs as you exhale. The aroma is very heavy and pungent with a spicy diesel effect that’s accented by rich skunk and pine.

A Brazillian Hash Lover’s Pick

Available in 1/8‘s, 1/4‘s and Ounces

Blackfish Caviar Premium Hash

Blackfish Caviar is carefully curated through a proprietary solvent-less extraction method. Only the highest quality pesticide-free starting materials are processed, then aged under very strict environmental conditions. Blackfish’s unique product will elevate even the finest edibles, and can be appreciated in a pipe, dabbed, or blended with your favourite flower or tobacco. Blackfish is the epitome of a luxury cannabis product. When you are ready to experience the “high life“, choose caviar.

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