Pre-Rolled Cannabis Joints – PINE TAR (BULK DEAL)


10 JOINTS $3 EACH or 20 JOINTS $2.5 EACH

Your favourite flower strain pre rolled (0.5 grams) for your convenience


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Pine Tar Kush is a 100% pure indica strain that is a direct descendant of the infamous Kush strain.

28% THC

Although the genetic makeup of this strain is generally unknown, it is speculated that it stems from a landrace strain native to the Pakistani mountain ranges.

Pine Tar Kush was named aptly for its intense, earthy-pine and hash aroma and resinous, almost tar-soaked buds. As a landrace strain, Pine Tar Kush possesses a higher than average THC level , a genetic trait most likely developed as a defense mechanism against the harsh climate of the Pakistani mountain ranges.

A true delight, Pine Tar Kush has become well recognized for its earthy- pine, gas-like and hashy flavours that are reminiscent of some of Pakistan’s finest hashish.


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