Miss Envy Phoenix Tears – CBD

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Miss Envy is dedicated to producing 100% organic medicinal cannabis products for patients available at upscale dispensaries nationwide. They have a wide variety of products ranging from topical skin care, culinary supplies, and cannabis oil/Phoenix tears.

Now 33% CBD solution! Still, the same 100% decarboxylated organic hemp based Co2 CBD oil in an easy to use oral syringe. But now with 330mg CBD/1g syringe. Each batch of hemp is 100% organic, locally farmed and lab tested. CBD is used in herbal medicine as a treatment for depression, anxiety, epilepsy, nausea, chronic pain and many other ailments. Take orally.

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  • Can be used as an additive in foods, warm liquids
  • Can be mixed with vaporizer e-juices
  • Keep refrigerated
  • Keep away from children
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