Chronic Kitchen – Vegan Lollipops (100mg Per Package)


What a novel take on our traditional suckers! Now vegan-friendly, they are produced without our infused butter but with distillate oil, making them taste a little better (without the cannabis flavour) and providing a different high (some would argue a milder high, making them ideal for daytime usage).

5 x 20MG THC Lollipops (100MG THC Per Package)

These lollipops are 20mg apiece, so you can eat them all the way through without worrying about getting too high. Lemon, Root Beer, Raspberry, Green Apple, and Orange are just some of the delicious fruity varieties that will be included in each 5-count package of our delicious suckers. The effects of these lollipops may be different from those of our chronic suckers, which use a full spectrum oil. Keep in mind that leaving them in hot temperatures might cause them to melt; if this happens, simply return them to the refrigerator to harden again.

Because the effects of edibles vary from person to person, it is best to consume a smaller amount and wait between one and one and a half hours after eating.
Ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, water, flavoring, food colouring (some flavours have a little added coloring) and natural preservatives

*This product is perishable – store in the fridge or freezer to maintain freshness; see About Edibles for more information. Please keep out of reach from children and pets.

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