CBDYOU CBD Tincture 5000mg


5000mg CBD, 30ml

We introduce to you the CBD isolate tincture from CBDYOU. CBDYOU is a Vancouver, B.C. based company which has a sister company called CBDMOVE. CBDYOU is geared towards athletes specifically looking for a potent CBD isolate tincture. That’s not to say this won’t give you the same potential reliefs from ailments such as sleeping, anxiety, insomnia, autoimmune, etc.

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This is considered a high amount of CBD in a bottle, which is great for someone who macro doses CBD and uses lots in a day, or for someone looking for long term value. You can dose this directly in your mouth or add it to your favourite food and beverages.

The different delicious, all natural flavours cover up the natural earthly taste of the coconut oil.

This CBD Isolate Tincture contains 2000mg in a single bottle. There is NO THC in this bottle, so this would be perfect for anyone who has drug tests at their place of employment.

Directions: If you are starting to use CBD for the first time it’s always advisable to start micro dosing (a few drops) to begin and test sensitivity. After that point you can start slowly increasing the dosage over days/weeks until you find relief from whatever ailment you are trying to get relief from.

Ingredients: CBD isolate, Coconut Oil, Natural Flavours

– THC Free
– Vegan
– GMO Free


blueberry, green apple, original, pineapple, white grape

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